In this workshop, you will learn about the science, psychology, and spirituality of sleep and dreams. You will practice techniques to remember and interpret dreams for healing, creativity, and spiritual growth. The workshop will include talk, question and answer sessions, and the practice of breathing exercises and meditation.

Jivasu is a physician, spiritual teacher and the founder of the Natural Spirituality movement. Natural Spirituality is to unlock the powers of the Natural Self. It is grounded in science and the body. He has also studied mind-body medicine at Harvard. He teaches Natural Spirituality, Nada Yoga (Yoga of sacred chants and music), Kundalini Yoga and Mind-Body Medicine all over the world. To contact Jivasu go to: For talks go to his Utube channel.

Mindfulness, Stress Reduction and Resilience: an Evening Workshop with Anju Joshi April 6 2021

Anju Joshi

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Altman, Donald (2016) 101 Mindful Ways to Build Resilience, PESI Publishing and Media


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