1. Hamilton Health Sciences Resilience Resources Page with 21 recorded resilience themed 20 minute discussion/ meditations.

2. Free Online Meditation Resources for Times of Social Distancing/Covid-19


4. “How Communities Can Prevent Panic in Uncertain Times” discusses how to manage anxiety and panic during the pandemic, and precautions to take during a lasting public health crisis. You can find the full resource here: https://www.publichealthdegrees.org/resources/prevent-panic-in-uncertain-times/

5. “Cambridge Centre for Mindfulness and Compassion daily free on line meditations including specialized programs: Mindfulness Practice for Addiction Recovery and People of Color/Indigenous Community Practice

6. Here is a one minute video about the option of viewing the pandemic as an opportunity for a reset.

7. MINDFULNESS NUGGETS FOR CHALLENGING TIMES Wednesday 12:00 – 12:45 free at the Mindfulness Centre

8. 9 mindfulness exercises to help you manage COVID stress


  1. A weekly live meditation daily at 7:30 PM  sponsored by the “Consciousness Explorers Club” in Toronto (a mindfulness group) accessible at  their facebook page. Their website has guided audio practices including one entitled “Sitting with Pandemic Panic” . These are also archived so you can access them at any time.
  2. A 10:00 AM daily live meditation is sponsored by A Mindful Society at their facebook page. These are archived at the same site so you can access them at any time at “videos”.
  3. The Insight Meditation Society offers daily live practices at 12 noon and these are also archived. 
  4. Yoga can be a mindfulness practice and more and many yoga studios are offering free online or recorded yoga for example, YogaShala  or Yoga with Adriene  or In Find Feather .
  5. Our website listing of mindfulness resources continues to grow. If you know of good resources please let us know at mindfulnesshamilton@gmail.com .
  6. Six good articles/guided meditations

A Brain Hack to Break the Coronavirus Cycle, Judson Brewer, New York Times
This Loving Kindness Meditation is a Radical Act of Love, Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, Mindful Magazine
Self-appreciation, the Flip side of Self-Compassion, Dr. Kristin Neff, Self-Compassion.org

7. Allisonliss.com

Mondays at 11:00 Free Meditation 30 minutes live

5 Day Meditation Challenge on Zoom This first Saturday of every month I begin a 5 Day Meditation Challenge.  This is suitable for both new and seasoned Meditators. This includes 2 live meditations a day, 7 am and 7 pm for 30 min each. You can register for this on my website.  This is $30. 

Healthcare Workers

Top 5 Mindfulness Tips for Health Care Professionals During COIVD-19, BC Children’s Hospital
Mindfulness for Healthcare Workers During COVID-19, Mindful Magazine
Mindfulness helps ER doctor cope with rising stress of COVID-10, CBC Radio Article and 17 minute interview

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If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us at mindfulnesshamilton@gmail.com .
The Mindfulness Hamilton Core Committee