Saturday October 17 2020.

Meditation and Yoga (mindful movement) are two of the most effective ways to build our capacity for mindfulness. Practicing for a whole day or longer instead of for minutes or even an hour can build this capacity more quickly and effectively. This unique first-of-its-kind day will combine movement and seated (or lying) meditation practices. The participants will spend most of the day in silence to enhance concentration and integration.

  • If your main mindfulness practice is meditation this day will help you discover how movement can build your capacity for mindfulness in movement.
  • If you mainly practice yoga, this day will give you a deeper experience with formal meditation practices, also increasing your ability to be mindful.

The yoga will be simple and accessible for people who have not taken yoga before but will be fully engaging for people who practice yoga regularly as the moment to moment awareness of body and mind is emphasized. Chair yoga will be demonstrated and can used as needed for anyone who has difficulty getting up and down from the floor.

Our teacher Steve possesses a unique combination of training and experience as both a meditation and yoga teacher.

Steve Ferrell is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, and Meditation and Mindfulness facilitator, Therapeutic Counselor, anatomy and movement enthusiast/educator, Author, husband of one, and Father of 2. He teaches locally in the Hamilton and surrounding areas and nationally. Steve found his way into Body-Mind centered practices in 2006 via Yoga, as a former bodybuilder who was always tight, tender and in pain. After his first class, with local teacher Alex Bovkis, Steve felt a depth of internal and external connection that he had not experienced for a very long time. Although originally starting Yoga for physical reasons, he discovered very quickly that there was much more to these practices.

During his initial 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Steve was introduced to formal meditative practice with Dr. Pradeep Kumar. Over the years Steve has studied and practiced varying forms of meditative technique from Transcendental based styles to more traditional Mindfulness as well as Zen style practice, where Steve eventually settled as far as his personal practice is concerned. Steve has studied with and found inspiration from many teachers over the years including Shoken Michael Stone, Matthew Remski, Roshi Taigen Henderson, Sensei Peter Levitt, Bhikkhuni Thich nu Tinh Quang, Dr. Steven Hayes, Dr. Robert Kolenberg, and Dr. Mavis Tsai.

Steve likes to blend movement practices like Yoga as well as others, Mindfulness Meditation, and other more modern western evidenced-based Cognitive and Behavioral tools and strategies into the way that he teaches, whether in Yoga classes, private and group meditations and into his Therapeutic Counseling realm.

Who might be interested in coming? This workshop has a plan to appeal to a broad range of people.

  • One would be yoga practitioners whose main mindfulness practice is movement based and who have been interested in exploring more formal and informal meditation practice.
  • Second, would be the mediation practitioners who have been curious about how a formal movement practice can assist in both formal and informal meditation and enable more ease on the cushion and off.
  • Third, would be a person who already practices both yoga and formal meditation and is interested in deepening and further integrating those grooves of mind-body-world connection. 
  • And know that all are welcome no matter their level of experience.

What the day looks like:

The day will start with a brief ‘housekeeping’ segment. This will be followed by an introduction and the first of 2 talks  by Steve around the functions of practice as well as, techniques and philosophies we will be working with, followed by a brief Q&A. 

We will then settle into an ‘All levels’ Yoga practice to help bring more attention into the body-mind as a set-up to being able more stable and open as we move into sitting practice.

Sitting practice will start with 10-15 minutes followed by a 10-15 minute walking meditation and followed with another sit. This pattern will be repeated throughout the day, with the periods of practice gradually increasing through the day, up to to 30 minute periods.

Other than lunch bred and Q&A periods, the rest of our time will be spent in contemplative silence. This sets the stage for the process of being able to move more inward without the distraction or desire of conversation. In this way we allow our practice to be felt and experienced without the need to explain it. 

We will have 15 minute mid-morning and mid-afternoon water in/water out and snack breaks as well as a 1 hr. lunch break.

After lunch break we will engage in another Yoga practice followed by periods of sitting and walking meditation. The day will finish with a final Yoga session, followed by the 2nd talk about strategies as to how we might continue to practice following this day long retreat including recommendations about various resources to assist in both movement and meditation practice and a final brief Q&A and a final bow.

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