Mindfulness Hamilton Member Sign Up

Mindfulness Hamilton (MH) Membership  Process:

There are two steps:

  1. You will be asked to provide your name and email and choose your own username and password which will allow you to be recognized by the software that runs our website.
  2. You need to pay the $25 annual fee

**Before you proceed please click on the link to PayPal below and make sure you can log in. Also double check that the credit card you have associated with PayPal has not expired**

Step 1:

Once you click on the  button on the next page you will enter your information.You will immediately be assigned  a password and user name.   You will be able to see and enter the MEMBERS tab on the green bar on the home page. However will not be able to do anything in that tab until you are actually a member i.e. until  step 2 is complete.

Step 2: Choose one of “a)” or “b)”

a) Please then follow the steps to Pay Pal. Your membership can be recurring or non-recurring. If you choose recurring you are agreeing that Pay Pal can pay your membership once a year automatically and you will get email notification from Pay Pal and MH that this has happened.  If you chose non-recurring you authorize Pay Pal to pay only once. In one year you will get a reminder to renew. You can easily renew by logging into the MEMBERS tab. Pay Pal authorization, once done, is immediately active.

b) If you won’t/can’t use PayPal the other option is to send a cheque to Mindfulness Hamilton @ 271 Graham Ave S Hamilton L8K2M7. This payment will need to be processed and your membership created manually so it may take 1-2 weeks.  Once that happens you will get a welcome email with a receipt, your username and password. And you will get a reminder in a year that your membership has expired, at which time if you like to continue your membership you will to mail in another payment.

Click on the image below to continue the signup process: