Scientists reveal that you don’t need to meditate like a monk to experience its benefits. Even a few minutes can reap huge benefits for your ability to focus and get things done.

In spite of all the studies showing the amazing benefits of meditation, most people fail to turn this practice into a habit for one simple reason. I call it the myth of “monk-style meditation.”

It’s the myth that, if you want to become a “real meditator,” you need to seal yourself off from the world for long periods.  This myth tells you that you can’t just meditate for five or ten minutes a day. You have to do it for at least 30 minutes or an hour each day.

This myth arises from the early neuroscience research on meditation highlighting the superhuman brains of “experienced” meditators. In one such study, the average participant had around 19,000 hours (that’s about six and half years of meditating for eight hours a day).

A 2018 study conducted by researchers at Mass General and Yale University, however, shows that you don’t need to quit your job and move to a monastery in Bali to experience the benefits of meditation. Even short bursts of meditation can deliver powerful benefits.

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