Wanted: Facilitator to introduce mindfulness to parents at a School Council sponsored evening workshop May 15th

Sherry Beduk SBeduk@earlywords.ca

Jan 4

Hi There

My name is Sherry Beduk, and I’m a registered social worker locally but also a parent and a member of the Billy Green School council.  We are hosting a “child wellness mini series” in May for our school parents to teach parents a little about how to recognize stress in their children, childhood resiliency and ways to help children cope through wellness options.  I am looking for someone to teach a brief session about what is mindfulness/meditation and how to help children/families use this in their everyday life to promote well being.  We are hoping for someone to volunteer to do a session, with the option of promoting their own business that families could access through groups etc if they feel this is a good option for their child.

Do you know of anyone within your group that practices childhood mindfulness/meditation that would be willing to do this for us?

The date of the session is the evening of May 15th.  7-8:30 (2- 45 min sessions).

Other wellness options we are hoping to get for families to chose from include Yoga, using essential oils to promote overall well being, and perhaps zen doodling etc.  When parents register for this event they will have the option of choosing 2 wellness workshops to attend.

Thank you so much for getting back to me.  If it’s easier to talk over the phone, my cell is : 905-977-9036.

Thank you kindly,Sherry

Sherry Beduk,  M.S.W. R.S.W.

Social Worker

Infant Hearing/Blind Low Vision Program

905-385-7927 ext. 228

Thank you for your response.  It’s so great to see that some local teachers are implementing this practice within their classrooms!  For us, it’s about parents recognizing that this practice at home may also be helpful to help kids regroup, after a stressful day or in the moment at home as a strategy.   I look forward to hearing from anyone who may be willing to help us share this message to other billy green parents!  Thanks for passing my message along!

Have a great day!