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Joining Mindfulness Hamilton

Join our growing community. Membership is open to all open to any person interested in fostering mindfulness within the parameters of the Mindfulness Hamilton Vision and Mission.

 Benefits of Membership

  • Access to a network of individuals and organizations interested in mindfulness
  • Communication from Mindfulness Hamilton via email newsletters about upcoming activities and events
  • Access to members only events
  • Preferential registration cost and early registration to events
  • Opportunity to support the vision, mission, terms of reference and activities of the organization
  • Support the Mindfulness Hamilton website as Hamilton’s primary resource for information about mindfulness activities within the city and region
  • Access to a network of individuals and organizations interested in mindfulness
  • Access to a member’s only area of the website where members can post events, create a blog, join discussions and contact other members

Cost of Membership

Annual Membership costs only $25, paid by PayPal Subscription or in you prefer by cheque. You will have an option for your membership to be automatically renewed annually. Please consider doing this to support the development of Mindfulness Hamilton and it’s activities.

If you have questions about membership please contact us at

Click on the link below to become a member.

To  Cancel your Mindfulness Hamilton Membership:

  • Log In to your Pay Pal account and discontinue the automatic renewal option (only you can do this). If you have lost your password PayPal has a password recovery option which you can use by providing your email. (Make sure you use the right email).
  • Also please let us know at to avoid getting emails that we routinely send given that many times the automatic renewal gets inadvertently cancelled if a credit card version code changes etc.