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The Mindfulness Centre presents a Silent Retreat

May 26




Marlene Van Esch, MSW; Jennifer Stone, BA, MSc

Immerse yourself into the vast spaciousness of Being:
You will have arranged your day in advance, so that for the
duration of the retreat no one can reach you, no business needs
to be attended to, and you don’t need to speak to anyone.
After an introductory orientation, and under the guidance of an
experienced teacher, you will have the rare opportunity to be
with yourself in silence in the presence of like-minded fellow
travellers for an extended period of time. You will penetrate the
depths of each present moment and the energy flow that you are,
in ways you would have never anticipated before. There will be a
debriefing opportunity at the end of the retreat.

Participants will:
• experience an extended period of silence as the teacher guides the
group through a series of different meditation practices,
• cultivate deep, penetrating moment-to-moment awareness and
the creative wide open spaciousness that flows from it,
• learn patients and staying power to improve wellbeing and
reduce stress, and
• develop resilience to feel more stable in everyday life.

Who Should Attend:
Anyone with prior meditation experience.

Address: 345 Lakeshore Rd East, Suite 408, Oakville, Ontario L6J 1J5
Tel: (905) 338 1386, Email: info@mindful.ca