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At our gmail email account we often receive requests from various organizations to put them in touch with people who can teach mindfulness or facilitate a mindfulness educational event or workshop. A few recent examples of requests  are listed the requests for teaching/facilitation section Some of these will be paying gigs, others are likely volunteer or for an honorarium. Mindfulness Hamilton's role here is simply to help people who want to teach with people who want teaching.

The purpose of this space is to allow members who are intersted in teaching/facilitating to post their availabilty. Only members can see this area. The public cannot. If a member wants to have their availabilty posted on the Resources tab of the website which is visible to the public please send an ad to the gmail account and one of our leadership group with website adminstrative priveledges will post it. Please note that the listings in our resources tab are one line, with a website or email link so configure your ad appropriately.

Please limit your post in this area to about 10 lines. See the tutorial for step by step instructions about how to post your availabilty.

If the Mindfulness Hamilton member who takes care of the gmail account notices a request matching your availability and area of work he/she can put you in touch. Likewise if one of our members gets such a request, he/she can check and put you in touch.

This space will help Mindfulness Hamilton progress towards its goal of being a networking centre for mindfulness resources and programs in Hamilton.








The Mindsight Intensive


Intensive meditation training with the following program features:
1. Step-by-step guidance and exploration of up to four milestones from novice to adept meditator and ten stages of meditation.
2. Combining age-old human meditation experience with the latest insights into how the brain works.
3. Connecting with our foundations in Dynamic Mindfulness and Interpersonal Neurobiology.
4. Spanning the spectrum from synapse to society and spirituality.
5. Modular approach making new creative connections between familiar knowledge nuggets.
6. Cultivating ease of movement between suchness and emptiness.
7. Exploring and enjoying wisdom.

Each session will approximately be structured as follows:
• 15' introduction to practice
• 45' guided meditation practice
• 30' lecture
• 45' group interaction and Q&A
• 10-15' break

32 Mondays 6:30-9:00 pm
October 15, 2018 - June 24, 2019
Taught by Dr. Stephane Treyvaud
The Mindfulness Centre
Oakville, Ontario

Course can be attended online in real time. Recorded sessions will be available for viewing after each session.

For more information go to or click here.